"Indeed, Allah is with the patient." (2:153)The Holy Quran,

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ISIS Uses End of Days Prophecy To Help in Recruiting Fighters

The so called Islamic State uses the web and many methods to spread their cause to find others to join them. It's not as easy as saying come fight infidels. Much emotional ties are used against the young men who come from tough backgrounds and are promised riches in paradise as well the state taking care of their families.

Using the right quranic verses along with a few emotional speeches about injustice been done to Muslims by the hands of the west n others, is used to justify the fight of theirs. Even though the Quran strictly forbiddes suicide, they have found a way to justify it and send young men to blow themselves up for a militant cause ( that's extremely unislamic )

Using ahadith is one of their best ways to manipulate the young to believe this is some part of a prophecy being fulfilled and they are awaiting jesus-pbuh to return any day now. Read an article discussing this and wanted to share a part of it with the readers.

ISIS bases much of its recruitment and expansion strategy around the idea that the end times are upon us.

The extremist group pushes the idea that the apocalypse is nigh and that Islamic fighters will battle the "infidels" of the West in Dabiq, a town in Syria that ISIS now controls.

ISIS (also known as the Islamic State) uses Islamic scripture and prophecies to bolster its assertion, but it conveniently ignores one particularly damning prophecy that could inherently challenge the legitimacy of its self-declared "caliphate" — the territory in Iraq and Syria it controls that is central to Islamic doomsday prophecies.

Will McCants, director of the Project on US Relations with the Islamic World at the Brookings Institution, mentions it in his new book, "The ISIS Apocalypse."

"There is one prophecy about the Antichrist that the Islamic State and its fans have studiously avoided, even though it is in a collection of prophecies they revere: The Antichrist will 'appear in the empty area between Sham [Syria] and Iraq,'" McCants wrote. "That, of course, is precisely where the Islamic State is located."

As McCants explained in his book, Jesus and the Antichrist do have a place in Islamic foretellings.

"The Qur'an portrays Jesus as a messenger of God and his followers as those 'nearest in love to the believers' (5:82)," McCants wrote. "But the prophecies attributed to Muhammad outside the Qur'an foresee Jesus returning to fight alongside the Muslims against the infidels. As in the Bible, the appearance of Jesus heralds the Last Days. ...

"He will lead the Muslims in a war against the Jews, who will fight on behalf of the Antichrist."
Full post - http://finance.yahoo.com/news/isis-makes-sure-avoid-one-170200222.html

Important note to all readers.
Islam was not spread by wars of injustices, Battles took place and Mohammad-pbuh fought along side muslims ( like a real general ), but he was given strict orders of engagement in regards the elders, women, children, prisoners, and to all forms of life, even buildings had protection rights. Battle field things stayed on the battle field. When Mohammad-pbuh clearly had the upper hand and most the people's support. He didn't even punish those who tried to kill him.
His way to make treaties and agreements was another reason we can't ignore his prophetic genius. A man from one of the harshest environments is all about love, compassion and peace.

Any one acting in contrary to that, does not know mohammad-pbuh or his teachings.

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Israeli Soldier Abuses Palestinian Child at Protest of Illegal Occupation

Watch the video, the abuse happens after the 5:14 mark.
With the Palestinians it's protests that occur almost daily in different parts of the illegal occupation that is militarily defended by Israel and get's away with it's crime based on defense, yet their are only defending an illegal occupation. Which is also illegal, but mass media picks and chooses what is right and wrong and thus Israel can get away with whatever it can, if not for social media things would not come to light about Palestinians abused by Israel. In a story relating to a recent protest in which a young man 12 years old, hand in a cast also was in a choke hold by israeli soldier under the claim of that BOY is a ROCK THROWER and needs to be arrested.
Palestinians in the West Bank village of Nabi Saleh have held a weekly demonstration to protest the Israeli occupation that has confiscated village land for a nearby Israeli settlement. These protests don't usually make international news. But last week's was different. Friday's demonstration in Nabi Saleh escalated into a violent confrontation between an Israeli soldier and a young child — all caught on camera by the press who had attended the protest. The result was a video of an IDF soldier placing an 11-year-old child in a chokehold, holding a gun near his head, and then sitting on him as he screamed in fear and pain. This isn't the first time something like that has happened in the West Bank. But with this video of a panicking soldier crushing a screaming child beneath him
On Friday, during the latest Nabi Saleh protest, small clashes broke out between the protesting villagers and Israeli soldiers, as they often do. An 11-year-old Nabi Saleh boy named Mohammed Tamimi, whose left arm was in a cast, did something to anger one of the Israeli soldiers. The Israeli military says the boy was throwing stones; Tamimi's family denies this. But whatever sparked it, the soldier began to chase the boy, which is when the boy's father switched on a camera and captured the moment. In the video, the soldier throws himself on Tamimi, putting the boy in a headlock and holding him over a rock as he screams for help. There is a moment, at 1:06 in the video, when the soldier holds his rifle next to the boy's head and, disregarding the most basic weapons safety training, places his finger over the gun's trigger. Thankfully, after a moment he slings the rifle behind his shoulder, but then tries to wrestle and carry the boy off. After a short struggle, the soldier places his hand around the back of the child's neck and pushes his face into one of the rocks. Read Full Article - http://www.vox.com/2015/8/31/9233243/israel-nabi-saleh-video
What will it take for Israel to get out of the occupied territories ? because it seems their terrorism on innocent people, elder and child has no limits. It's crazy as the politician cry the Palestinians want to wipe us off the map, it's they who are doing the wiping of Palestinians. What do you feel ? Share your thoughts.
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Turkish couple feed thousands on their wedding day

Muslim couple from Turkey decided not to have guest but rather use the funds to help feed the innocent people who took shelter in turkey because of the mass rebellious factions determined to turn Syria into a blood bath. For a people suffering unjustly, I'm certain even if for a few hours they felt good to have a filled stomach for the night.

The Turkish couple may Allah grant them great blessings in this life and after and may their children be righteous and blessed for them and all people world wide

The story below

“I thought that sharing a big delicious dinner with our family and friends was unnecessary, knowing that there are so many people in need living next door,” he said, speaking to The Independent’s i100.co.uk.

“So I came up with this idea and shared it with my son. I’m very happy that he accepted it and they started their new happy journey with such a selfless action,” he added.

The family were helped out by the charity Kimse Yok Mu, who provided a tuck to provide the food to the refugees. All the members of the wedding reception pitched in, to help serve the meals to those in need. Hatice Avci, a spokesman for the charity, said that the couple had used the money they had received from their families to pay for all the food.

The bride was at first slightly surprised by the proposal by her now father-in-law, however, she soon came onboard and said it was a wonderful experience.

“I’m happy that we had the opportunity to share our wedding meal with the people who are in real need,” Polat said.

All good couples think alike, and her thoughts were shared by her husband.


Hope this story have brought inspiration and further faith in mankind and the good in mankind.

Peace be with you all.

comment and share your thoughts.

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Alqaeda and Allies Attack Idlib in Syria - Last Alawite front in city

The fight in syria continues in back n fourth attacks, reports say Alqaeda militia along with allies have launched an attack on Idlib
The "Army of Conquest" rebel coalition, which includes Al-Qaeda branch Al-Nusra Front, announced online its assault on the villages of Fuaa and Kafraya. "We decided to begin the 'Battle of Kafraya and Fuaa' against the forces of (Bashar al-) Assad and Iranian militias", a statement read. Rami Abdel Rahman, head of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, said the villages are the last two Shiite Muslim localities held by the regime in Idlib, which rebels have overrun in recent months. "This is a very violent attack. There is heavy shelling on the towns, which have been besieged since March," he told AFP. The Army of Conquest said it decided to launch its attack after the regime and Lebanese Shiite movement Hezbollah began an offensive on Zabadani, the last rebel-held bastion along Syria's border with Lebanon, earlier this month. It said the attack would "give you a taste in the north of what our people are tasting in Zabadani". Hezbollah, which is supported by Iran, had stationed commanders in Kafraya and Fuaa and had trained local military leaders, Abdel Rahman said. The Army of Conquest seized Idlib city on March 28 and went on to capture a major town and the province's largest military base. Source : http://news.yahoo.com/qaeda-allies-attack-shiite-villages-northwest-syria-155644254.html
Is this a just method to handle the affairs of muslims who don't agree with one another ? Have not enough blood shed been spilled already ? Thoughts in comments below. SocialTwist Tell-a-Friend


The Middle Path Lecture By Hamza Yusuf

I enjoy listening to Hamza Yusuf for he brings a very sound teaching about Islam. Having dedicating a great part of his life to Islam and his will to learn and learn from scholars through out the Muslim world.

Please watch the full lecture and comment your thoughts below..

Sallam alaykum ( peace be with you )

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The Return of Yeshua Pbuh

Despite this, however, many people assume that Jesus (as) passed away some thousands of years ago and that thus it is unlikely that he will return. This is a misconception arising from lack of knowledge about the Qur'an and the Sunnah. A careful scrutiny of the Qur'an will render an accurate understanding of the verses about Jesus (pbuh) possible.

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) told us that Jesus (as) will be sent back to earth and related that in that time, which is called "the end of time", there may be a period in which the earth will attain unprecedented peace, justice and welfare

We know that Issa/Jesus son of Mary was indeed a very righteous individual accepted as a messenger and the Messiah. Begotten through God's word be and he became a sign for mankind.
We will find that even he was tempted by Satan and with his faith given to him he was among the closest to God.

The picture refers to Satan tempting Jesus in the story it is mentioned that Satan attempts to have Jesus (pbuh) sin against God. Satan told Jesus(pbuh) your faith is strong and if you jump of the cliff for certain God will save you. Jesus(pbuh) in turn said to Satan "God is who tests Man, not man who tests God".

For the believers it's important not to test God for God is the one who is testing us. Watch the Videos Here http://islamicshamil.blogspot.com/2011/01/islamic-view-of-return-of-jesus-pbuh.htmlSocialTwist Tell-a-Friend


Two American men can go ahead with civil lawsuit over allegations they were tortured in Iraq at the hands of US forces.

Donald Rumsfeld, the former US secretary of defence, must face a lawsuit filed against him by two American men claiming they were wrongfully held and tortured by US forces in Iraq.

The US Court of Appeals in Chicago on Tuesday upheld a lower court ruling last year allowing the men, Donald Vance and Nathan Ertel, to pursue claims that Rumsfeld and unnamed others should be found personally liable for their treatment - despite efforts by the former Bush and current Obama administration to get the case dismissed.

The two men worked for a private security company in Iraq in 2006 and said they became concerned the firm was engaging in illegal bribery or other corruption activities. They notified US authorities and began co-operating with them.

Emotional abuse

In early 2006, they were taken into custody by US military forces and eventually taken to Camp Cropper near Baghdad's airport. Vance and Ertel claimed they were subjected to harsh interrogations and physical and emotional abuse.

Months later they said they were unceremoniously dropped at the airport and never charged with a crime.

They sued, seeking unspecified damages and saying their constitutional rights had been violated and US officials knew they were innocent.

"Having judges second guess the decisions made by the armed forces halfway around the world is no way to wage a war"

David Rivkin, lawyer

The appeals court ruled that while it may have been unusual for Rumsfeld to be personally responsible for the treatment of detainees, the two men had sufficiently argued that the decisions were made at the highest levels of government.

"We agree with the district court that the plaintiffs have alleged sufficient facts to show that Secretary Rumsfeld personally established the relevant policies that caused the alleged violations of their constitutional rights during detention," the court ruled in a split decision.

The three-judge panel voted 2-1 to affirm the lower court ruling. Judge Daniel Manion dissented, saying Congress has yet to decide whether courts should have a role in deciding whether such claims against the US military can be pursued.

A lawyer representing Rumsfeld said the appeals court decision was a blow to the US military.

"Having judges second guess the decisions made by the armed forces halfway around the world is no way to wage a war," attorney David Rivkin said in a statement on Monday.

"It saps the effectiveness of the military, puts American soldiers at risk, and shackles federal officials who have a constitutional duty to protect America."

A spokesman for the US Justice Department, which has been representing the former defense secretary, had no immediate comment. The Justice Department could appeal to the full appeals court or to the US Supreme Court.

There have been other lawsuits against Rumsfeld and the US government over allegations of abuse and torture overseas, but most involved foreigners, not US citizens, so federal courts have typically dismissed those cases.

A district judge in Washington last week allowed a similar case to proceed involving an American translator who worked in Iraq with the US military and who said he was later detained and subjected to harsh interrogation techniques and abuse.


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Albanian Muslims Saved Jews during WW2

Muslims putting their lives at risk to save Jews during Hitlers insanity in Europe.

The Persecution of the Jews has existed for thousands of years. This act in Europe was not the first and won't be the last. When hate is the core driving force that wishes to enforce it's way of life, then well most of us see the suffering globally.

Muslim's have had a very long history of living with Jews and Jews living amongst Muslims openly. This has been ongoing for thousand plus years as well. Interesting enough and very important to point out is that the Albanian Muslims did what history teaches us that a vast majority of Muslims did the same thing and that is gave a shelter to the displaced Jews, regardless of where they were forced to leave from.

The Albanian people did something that was truly heroic, by actually putting their own lives, even their own families as well. How much will does that take ? does anyone think even to tamper with a Nazi soldier, they took a major risk and many Jews live today because of their good deeds/action.

Iran second to only Israel in the region, has the next highest concentration of Jewish population. Hmmm and they want to do what to Jews ?? Never believe the lies about Iran's relationship with the Jewish identity for it existed for hundreds of years, before Iran was even Iran. The relationship is very deep amongst the communities.

Islam and the Quran are crucial to understanding how deep giving and sacrifice can lead to. The Jihad the Albanian Muslims was extra ordinarier, but to them it was a duty.

"Whoever saves a human life has saved the life of all mankind"(Quran S5:A32)


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US Bribing Pakistani Media

The Obama administration plans to spend nearly $50 million on Pakistani media this year to reverse anti-American sentiments and raise awareness of projects aimed at improving quality of life, confirms a Washington insider.

Voice of America, a radio and TV platform that speaks for the government of the US already has a tie-up with Geo TV and now they have aligned with Express TV as well.

But the Obama administration must understand that media can never undo the damage, physically and mentally to those innocent people whose lives are affected. What would really help turn Pakistani public opinion around would be the immediate cessation of US drone attacks, which kill scores of innocent people; women, children, the elderly, and the medically infirm, repatriate Dr Aafia Siddiqui and other innocents, who are falsely accused and stop doing covert operations inside Pakistan.

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